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What are v.3 Onion Links?

Dec 24

The Tor network is a system of virtual tunnels that allow users to browse the web anonymously and securely. The onion router is a network that bounces your traffic through numerous nodes, wrapping it in encryption each time, making it tough to monitor; you can use the Tor browser to access it. Such measures may appear extreme, but they are increasingly necessary.

From 2020 to 2021, the Tor anonymity network will undergo a significant transformation as the Tor software team has developed and released a new version of its program that altered how .onion domains function and appear.

The Tor Project has replaced 16-character-long .onion domains, often known as v2 addresses, with 56-character-long domains called v3. An example of v3 onion links can be found on sites such as and others like it.

There is no such thing as completely private or secure on the internet. Although it is difficult, pinging someone's traffic through the Tor nodes can still be done.

With any security or privacy concern, the first question is always "What are you worried about?" It's all about your threat model, which is simply what threats or invasions you're concerned about. If you visit a regular website using the Tor browser, it provides security and anonymity to users; when using it, they enter protected onion space thanks to TOR and then depart virtually elsewhere, their identity and location hidden. Onion sites accessed via Tor, on the other hand, offer more protection. People who use the Tor browser to access it will never leave the security of the Tor cloud.

However, while the number of v3 sites is still below 50%, everyone expects v2 sites to go extinct in the coming year. The reason is that as most Tor node operators will update their servers to versions that will not support v2 domains, there will be no Tor relays capable of routing the traffic to these old-gen domains.

The dark web is a relatively recent invention, even when considering the history of the internet as a whole. You may use it to stay hidden if you choose to speak freely. However, because so much anonymity exists, it has acquired a negative reputation as a forum for people who want to utilize it for illicit activities. If you wish to utilize the dark web, all you have to do is download a private browser, set up a VPN, and make sure your computer is secure.