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Different Jira Dashboards You Can Create Using Custom Charts

Jun 19

We've received feedback from users about the features they are hoping for and we listened. Here are some of the features or improvements we did to give you a better user experience.

Custom Charts Issue List

The Custom Charts Issue List allows you to create a summary of your existing issues. You can customize the columns to include certain details. For example, if you are creating a Custom Charts Issue List for an HR Project and you've used the template available in Jira, you can add columns such as Candidate Name, Candidate Roles, Locations, and Source among others.

Historical Data

One of our most requested custom chart functionalities by far is to be able to create Burndown Charts using Custom Charts for Jira. This feature allows for better support of agile teams. With the release of our Historical Data Support, you can now create Burndown Charts. You'll be able to access Historical data by utilizing the “Chart by” and “Group by” dropdowns. 

Time-in Status

We've been asked if we could add a functionality that allows for reporting on Time-in Status in Custom Charts for Jira, and we absolutely want to do so in the near future. In fact, this request is high on our Backlog. 

Reporting on Time-in Status is just like Historical data that looks at the history of an issue to see its values at certain times. For example, how long does it stay in ‘To Do’ before transitioning to ‘In Progress’? Since these two functionalities have so much in common, we might release them close to each other. 

Shared Dashboards – Public Links

Currently, Jira Cloud users are able to add Shared Dashboards in Custom Charts to their own dashboards. With Shared Dashboards, you can share an entire dashboard of your favorite chats and issue lists with external users. This is done through the Jira Service Management portal, or alternatively, as a wallboard with internal users who were given access to that specific dashboard. 

The two sharing options we've implemented are just the beginning. We also plan to add public sharing options to Shared Dashboards. We also received requests to grant anonymous and non-licensed Jira users access to these Shared Dashboards.

With Public Links for Shared Dashboards, specific users can now create a public link to access Custom Charts reports which can be made available to non-licensed users. You can add a level of protection by adding access code.

SLA reporting

Service-level agreements (SLAs) reports in Custom Charts for Jira are also a common request. We have taken action to address this request and we have broken it into two different features - one is the ability for calculating the SLA time elapsed/time remaining and the second one is the ability to create Chart By/Group By SLAs.

With these two new features that are already currently being developed, you can expect to have better SLA reporting within Custom Charts. 

Insight custom field support

There were also requests to add a function that allows the display of Insight Custom Field data and not just object IDs. One of the big challenges in Jira has to do with reporting on insight data as it does not support out-of-the box reports. And when you think you are finally able to integrate, the data can be disorganized and messy.

Currently, we now fully support the creation of Insight custom fields in Custom Charts, and it is applicable for Jira in Cloud! We will work next on Server/DC. This feature allows you to see object names as well as macros and Issue List gadgets in Custom Charts. 

Let us know if you have any other suggestions or requests that are not on the list. If you previously requested a feature and you can't find it in our roadmap, you could submit a ticket to our support portal.