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Jira Reports for Marketing Teams Working in Confluence

Dec 15

While Jira has a growing number of users for managing campaigns and content, similar platforms such as Asana,, and Trello are gaining in popularity. Of course, even if marketing teams aren't using Jira, other teams are still relying on it. 

If your marketing team is not using Jira, how can they check Jira reports and collaborate with the rest of the team? This is where Confluence can be helpful.


Jira and Confluence are both Atlassian products that can be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to view Jira reports on Confluence pages. However, the native capabilities are a bit limited. Natively, you can use Jira charts macro on a Confluence page that allows you to create pie charts, statistics tables, and a line graph that shows created versus resolved issues. 


There are two main issues with viewing Jira data on Confluence. One is that the customization options are almost non-existent. Another is that if your marketing team has no access to Jira, the charts will be blank and not show any data. In this situation, you can rely on an app from the Atlassian Marketplace to fill the gap. 


Custom Jira Charts for Confluence is an Atlassian Marketplace macro that allows you to create a wide range of charts including tile charts, funnel charts, 2D stacked bar charts and more. For each chart, you can customize the labels, colors, fonts, descriptions and order of data. On top of these benefits, Custom Jira Charts for Confluence has a feature called User Impersonation which allows you to load reports into a Confluence page without the need for a Jira account. 


User Impersonation is one of the best features of Custom Jira Charts for Confluence. It allows users with no Jira access to load data by impersonating another user. You can create charts by impersonating yourself or other users.

Here are two examples of Jira reports to give you an idea of how Custom Jira Charts for Confluence can help your marketing team.

1. Project Status of Issues Report


Issue list is a custom chart that lets you display issues and their current status. In the screenshot, you will see a table showing what is coming up for Live Input Macros. To create this kind of report, all you need to do is search for the particular project in the Source field then click on it. The Issue List macro will then load and show you all issues associated with the selected project. You can sort the issues based on your preference for easy monitoring. This kind of data will help the marketing team be abreast with any upcoming products, features or services that need to be promoted and when.


2. Upcoming Releases

Another good example of a useful report for your marketing is the upcoming releases report. This kind of bar chart gives you visual insights into your development teams' progress on their Jira epics such as product releases. This is vital information that will help the marketing team plan their marketing campaign for any future release. 

Marketing teams can greatly benefit from Custom Jira Charts for Confluence for creating and customizing one or two-dimensional charts in Confluence. User impersonation is a great feature that allows the marketing team to access Jira reports in Confluence even if the team has no Jira access.