Amazon blames "technical drawback" for eradicating the Apple Card as a fee possibility


Some Amazon users discovered on Friday that saved Apple card numbers were removed from their Amazon accounts. Using two separate Amazon accounts, CNBC confirmed that an Apple card that was used to make a purchase on Thursday was removed as a payment option on Friday.

Amazon said it didn't purposely remove Apple Card as a payment option and attributed the problem to a bug.

"We are aware of this technical problem and are actively working to resolve it as soon as possible," an Amazon spokesman said in a statement.

Apple Card was introduced last year as part of a partnership between Goldman Sachs, which acts as the bank and lender for the card, and the iPhone manufacturer, which develops software for it in the Apple Wallet app and markets the credit card to its customers.

Apple didn't immediately return a request for comment.

While the Apple Card was designed for contactless payments with an iPhone or for online purchases through the Apple Pay system, it is a Mastercard with a credit card number that can be used like any other credit card.

Apple Card holders can use their Apple Card to pay for purchases on Amazon. Amazon does not accept Apple Pay, Apple's payment service.

Last year, Bloomberg reported that card networks marked the Apple Card as "Elite," which means that there are higher exchange fees per purchase. These fees are paid by the merchant, who often feels that they have no choice but to pay higher fees for "Elite" cards. According to Bloomberg, Mastercard has an agreement that stores cannot refuse elite cards with higher fees while using other Mastercards with lower fees.


Katherine Clark