Amazon hires former managing director Adam Selipsky to manage AWS


Adam Selipsky, CEO of Tableau Software

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

Amazon has hired Adam Selipsky, currently CEO of Tableau, owned by Salesforce, to lead its Amazon Web Services business. Andy Jassy, ​​the current head of AWS and the person replacing Jeff Bezos as head of Amazon, informed employees in an email on Tuesday.

Selipsky is one of the people who identified several insiders as a possible successor to Jassy. Selipsky held a prominent position within AWS as Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Support before heading the then public Tableau in 2016. Salesforce bought Tableau in 2019 for $ 15.7 billion.

A copy of the memo follows. Amazon later confirmed the move in a blog post.

I want to announce that Adam Selipsky will be the next CEO of AWS.

Adam is not a new face for AWS. In 2005, Adam was one of the first vice presidents we hired at AWS, heading up sales, marketing, and support for AWS (as well as a few other areas such as our AWS Platform services for a period of time) for 11 years. Adam then became CEO of Tableau in 2016 and has led Tableau for the past 4.5 years. Tableau experienced significant success during Adam’s tenure as CEO – the company’s value quadrupled in just a few years, Tableau shifted from perpetual to subscription licenses through a fundamental change in its business model, and the company was eventually acquired by Salesforce in 2019, making the largest software acquisitions in history. Following the acquisition, Adam remained CEO of Tableau and a member of Salesforce’s executive leadership team.

Adam brings strong judgment, customer obsession, team building, demand generation, and CEO experience to an already very strong AWS executive team. And after holding such a high position at AWS for 11 years, he knows our culture and our business well.

With $ 51 billion in revenue growing 28% year over year (these were the fourth quarter 2020 numbers we last shared publicly), it’s easy to forget that AWS is still at the very early stages of the Possible. Currently, less than 5% of global IT spending is in the cloud. That will change significantly in the years to come. We have a lot more to invent for our customers and we have a very strong leadership team and group of builders to make that happen. I look forward to what lies ahead.


PS Adam will be returning to AWS on May 17th. We’ll spend the following weeks switching together before making the change sometime in the third quarter.

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Katherine Clark