Amazon is launching three good merchandise for the house, however there's a catch


Amazon recently released a surprising announcement for a trio of smart home products that you might be interested in. These include a smart cuckoo clock, smart nutrition scale, and smart sticky note printer. All of this is built into Alexa, of course, so you can use your voice to control it.

Here's the kicker though: Amazon is looking for funding to make these products a reality. It's like Kickstarter for its own products, where they're only made when they hit their pre-order target. This is not a new concept. Given the novelty of these products, we want to reduce Amazon's risk by not ordering a few for just a small percentage.

By setting a minimum MOQ, Amazon can ensure that there is no excess inventory at the end of the day. The disadvantage here is that Amazon will most likely only start the manufacturing process after the deadline. So it's not like you can get them right away.

Amazon is processing these pre-orders from today through March 19. So you have about a month to decide if any of these products are right for you. It's an interesting concept and it will also be interesting to see what products will ultimately be made. As of this writing, the smart sticky note printer seems to be at the top, at 31% of its pre-order target.

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Katherine Clark