Amazon launches its second generation Echo Buds


If you are looking for a new pair of true wireless earbuds in the market, you might be interested to know that Amazon recently introduced the second generation Echo Buds. These new earbuds from Amazon start at $ 99 thanks to an ongoing promotion from Amazon and are really good business.

This is because a pair of $ 99 worth of earbuds has features like active noise cancellation that could be much more expensive on other earbuds like Apple’s AirPods Pro. Amazon claims that the noise cancellation technology it contains can block twice as much noise as its predecessor, making it perfect for places like planes and other noisy environments.

The new Echo Buds are also about 20% smaller than their predecessors, which also means they’re lighter, so you should be able to wear them a little longer without getting tired. The earbuds also have three microphones per earbud that you can use to record audio during a call for better quality.

Amazon also introduced a feature that lets you locate the earbuds in case you misplace them by saying, “Alexa, find my buds”. The battery life of the earbuds seems pretty decent with up to 5 hours of use with noise cancellation enabled, while the charging case offers an additional 15 hours. The Echo Buds are priced at $ 99 and cost $ 119.99 with the wireless charging case. However, this is a special promotion as the regular price for the Echo Buds is $ 119.99 and with the wireless charging case it is $ 139.99.

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Katherine Clark