Apple adds FaceTime Framework to Apple TV


It was recently reported that Apple could develop new smart home devices like smart displays, which are essentially smart speakers with a built-in display and camera. This suggests that Apple may expand FaceTime to more products in the future.

If you want more evidence that this could happen, a discovery by MacRumors collaborator Steve Moser revealed that Apple recently added the FaceTime framework to tvOS 14.5 Beta, along with an AVFCapture framework that focused on capturing Images. Some of you may be wondering what tvOS has to do with FaceTime. This is because the HomePod is actually powered by the tvOS platform, which in turn is linked to rumors that Apple may be developing a HomePod with an integrated display.

The HomePod already supports FaceTime but is limited to audio only. However, a smart display can obviously allow users to make FaceTime video calls. However, according to the previous report, Gurman notes that there is no guarantee that Apple will make these products a reality as it appears that they are only under conceptual research at the moment. So maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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Katherine Clark