Apple glasses could adapt to the eyesight of the wearer


The problem with smart glasses is that it can be a little tricky for some users who may be wearing corrective glasses. It also means manufacturers have to take this into account and create more models, which complicates the process. However, Apple believes they might have a solution.

According to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, Apple appears to have come up with an idea in the form of smart glasses that can automatically adjust to the wearer’s eyesight. According to the description of the patent[This system] can adapt the distance between the centers of the adjustable lenses to the measured interpupillary distance and can align the lens centers with the measured viewing direction. The adjustable lenses can have transparent electrodes, which are supplied with time-varying control signals from the control circuit. “

This means that Apple’s smart glasses, like the autofocus system of a camera, can continuously adapt to give the wearer the clearest possible view. We’re not sure if this means it can replace prescription lenses, but it definitely sounds very interesting.

As mentioned earlier, creating multiple SKUs of a product can complicate things. As performance changes over time, users will have to look for new lenses as their eyesight deteriorates. A system that could continuously adapt sounds pretty interesting, but whether or not Apple’s glasses can do that remains to be seen.

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Katherine Clark