Apple is exploring the idea of ​​a ring that could recognize gestures


Currently, virtual reality headsets usually come with fairly large controllers that allow the user to interact with the virtual world. However, because of their size, it is not exactly convenient or practical to use outdoors. Because of this, it’s interesting to see Apple exploring the idea of ​​a much smaller controller in the shape of a ring.

In a patent discovered by AppleInsider, Apple appears to be looking into whether a ring can be created that can recognize gestures and also what is in the user’s hand. For example, if the ring detects that there is an apple pencil in the hand, it can adjust its gestures accordingly. Moving your wrist can be an undo feature. Moving it the other way can change the writing tool and so on.

The ring can also be used to tell another device, such as smart glasses, “where” the Apple Pencil is in relation to the glasses, so that users can use the Apple Pencil in combination with the ring to virtually get into the glasses to draw air. It’s a pretty interesting patent, although we have to wonder how practical it would be to get people to wear extra accessories when out in public.

However, being a patent, there’s no telling if Apple will ever make it a reality, but like I said, it’s interesting and could potentially be further refined.

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Katherine Clark