Apple patents iPhone case that may cost AirPods


For now, the only way to charge the AirPods is to put them in the carrying case, which also doubles as a charger. This means that if you want to charge the earbuds, then you must have the case. However, a patent discovered by AppleInsider suggests that Apple is looking for alternative ways.

According to the patent, this suggests that Apple is exploring the idea of ​​possibly creating an iPhone case with a few slots for the AirPods to plug in, which will then power the iPhone to charge the earbuds. This eliminates the need to trust the case and can come in handy in an emergency when your case is out of juice and you need to use the earbuds.

The interesting thing about this patent is that Apple seems to be doing everything possible to be different. Many Android smartphones these days offer the ability to reverse wireless charging. This means that they can be used to power other devices such as wireless earphones.

Apple hasn't offered such a feature in its iPhones yet, and this patent suggests that Apple doesn't necessarily think the current implementation of the technology is so great, and that they believe they can possibly do better. It's an interesting design, though we may wonder at its practicality, but on the other hand, we suspect it's hard to say whether this patent will ever manifest itself as an actual product or feature.

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Katherine Clark