Apple pronounces substitute program for some AirPods Professional house owners


If you recently purchased a pair of Apple AirPods Pros, you might be eligible for a free replacement. This comes out from a support document on Apple's website that states that AirPods made before October 2020 could fall victim to some sound issues.

According to Apple, if your AirPods Pro "has crackling or static noises that increase in noisy environments, while exercising, or on the phone," or if "Active Noise Cancellation is not working as expected; B. Loss of bass sound or an increase in background noise such as road or airplane noise. “Then you seem eligible to receive a free replacement device.

Apple also notes that the entire device will not be replaced as in the case. Plus, they only replace the affected earbud. For example, if the AirPod Pro's left earbud is okay, it won't be replaced. The company will run some diagnostics to determine which earbud is affected and replace them accordingly.

So, if you find that your AirPods Pro device is causing these issues, you should probably take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider and schedule an appointment at an Apple retail store to have them sorted.

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Katherine Clark