Apple Watch calls for help after falling through the ice


Many of the Apple Watch stories we’ve come across usually involve the heart rate monitor or EKG monitor, which alerts the wearer of an abnormal heart rate and lets them seek medical help early before it gets too late. However, this new Apple Watch story is a little different as a man falls through the ice.

The man, William Rogers, was skating on a frozen New Hampshire river when he fell through the ice. Thanks to the fact that Rogers was wearing his Apple Watch, he was able to call 911 quickly. Firefighters were dropped minutes after the call, which most likely saved his life.

According to Rogers, he reported to the 911 mission that he probably had about 10 minutes before becoming unresponsive, most likely due to hypothermia from being in a freezing lake, but luckily the firefights actually succeeded, within of 5 minutes to come the call is made. This isn’t the first time the Apple Watch’s SOS feature has saved a life, and the fact that it has LTE and allows phone calls definitely helped.

We anticipate that as Apple incorporates more health tools into the watch in the future, it will be releasing more stories about the Apple Watch saving lives.

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Katherine Clark