Apple Watch can predict COVID-19 per week earlier than a swab check


As the race begins to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible, one of the next best things to do is identify and contain the coronavirus early. However, since the virus can take up to 14 days to incubate, it means that in the meantime, people who are infected and do not know that it may infect others.

It wouldn't be realistic if people were tested on a daily basis, but a study by Mount Sinai researchers called the Warrior Watch Study found that smartwatches, especially the Apple Watch, can be used to detect and predict a COVID-19 diagnosis Week before the user does a swab test.

This study took place between April and September 2020 and included several hundred healthcare workers. The study also considered heart rate variability as one of the signs of infection in a person. This is because the variability in heart rate is an indicator of how tense a person's nervous system is. This could also be an indication that she is not feeling well.

While this isn't exactly an indicator of COVID-19 in and of itself, it might be better to have someone tested sooner rather than later. If an infection can be detected earlier, it can also cause the person to start treatment earlier.

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Katherine Clark