Apple Watch examine goals to assist establish potential early coronary heart failure


The Apple Watch's heart rate monitor seemed like a novel feature when it launched, but over the years we've found too many stories about how the feature saved many lives by alerting the wearer of potential heart problems to help them Lets get yourself checked out before it was too late.

Now it looks like Apple has a potential to expand the feature. An announcement by the University Health Network will launch a new study led by Canadian cardiologist Dr. Heather Ross of the Ted Rogers Center for Heart Research who will try to see if the Apple Watch is capable of detecting early heart failure.

According to Ross, "we believe that biometric data derived from the Apple Watch can provide comparable, precise and accurate measurements of fitness, prognostic markers and early warning signals compared to conventional diagnostics." Early detection is important when it comes to managing health conditions In some cases, early detection of a problem increases the chances of survival and successful treatment.

This study will last three months and include a two year follow-up. Attendees will receive an Apple Watch Series 6 (including a blood oxygen meter) and an iPhone. Dr. Sumbul Desai, Vice President of Health at Apple, added: “We are very excited to be working with UHN and Dr. Heather Ross, to better understand how the powerful sensors in the Apple Watch can help patients manage heart failure from the comfort of their own home. "

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Katherine Clark