Apple Watch saves the lifetime of a bicycle owner after being swept away by floods


Over the years we have come across various stories and reports of how the Apple Watch saved the lives of its users, whether it was alerting them of potential heart problems or helping them call for help in need. We can now add another story to this list as the Apple Watch has once again been credited with saving another life.

A cyclist was swept off his bike in the River Wye in Rotherwas, Hereford, according to a report by the BBC. Due to the fact that the river was flooded, the currents were particularly strong and the cyclist was carried a mile downstream, but managed to hold on to a branch to prevent himself from being carried further.

Thanks to the use of his Apple Watch, the cyclist managed to call fire control, which eventually found and saved him. Sean Bailey, the station's commander, said, “Even at this location, it took us 20 minutes to locate, rescue, and bring it to safety. He spoke to our fire control while clinging to a tree via his Apple Watch, which worked wonderfully so we could actually get to him asap. "

As we said earlier, this isn't the first time we've heard of the Apple Watch calling for help and we doubt it will be the last either.

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Katherine Clark