Apple Watch saves the lifetime of a police officer stabbed to loss of life throughout an arrest


The Apple Watch has saved quite a number of lives over the years, although it has mainly done so through its heart and EKG monitoring feature which alerted the wearer to potential health issues before it got too late. Now the Apple Watch seems to have saved another life, but in a different way.

Sgt. Sosa of the Superior Police Department was interested by the Pinal County Sheriff's Office last Friday, where it became known that Sosa was attempting to arrest a wanted criminal when he was stabbed to death during the trial. During the struggle to bring the criminal to the ground, Sosa's microphone was disconnected from his radio, preventing him from contacting his dispatcher, Gloria Wheeler.

Since Wheeler was unable to contact Sosa over the radio, she tried to call him. He then answered the call on his Apple Watch, where he asked the other officers for assistance in completing the arrest. He also took the opportunity to dispatch an ambulance to his location after the suspect stabbed him in the leg.

Wheeler received an award for her actions that helped save Sosa's life. Sosa thanked her and said, "The dispatcher saved my life because I could keep fighting and she was able to send the resources I needed outside."

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Katherine Clark