Apple Watch SE is a extra reasonably priced smartwatch for the lots


The Apple Watch isn't exactly cheap, and we've heard rumors that Apple may actually be planning a new and cheaper Apple Watch. It turns out that the rumors were partly correct, as Apple has since officially announced the Apple Watch SE, which sits between the Series 3 and Series 6.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch SE will have a chipset that is 2.5 times faster than the Series 3. Plus, it'll have the same larger display as the newer Apple Watch models and come with a range of fitness features that we expected from a smartwatch.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, there is no EKG monitoring feature or the new blood oxygen meter, which we think is fair if Apple is to keep its prices low. What's interesting is that we had heard earlier that Apple could actually replace the Series 3 with the Apple Watch SE, but that didn't happen.

Apple will leave the Series 3 at a price of $ 199. However, if you want a bigger display and faster performance, the Apple Watch SE might be the smartwatch for you, priced starting at $ 279. It can also be financed with the Apple Card.

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Katherine Clark