Apple’s AirTags have an anti-stalker function


Image Credit – MacRumors

Rumor has it that Apple may launch its new AirTags accessories this month. For those first hearing about it, the AirTags are a tracking accessory similar to Tile, but instead of regular Bluetooth they supposedly use UWB, which is supposed to be more accurate when it comes to determining location.

This raises some questions about privacy, such as: B. What prevents someone from putting an AirTags accessory in your pocket and tracking your whereabouts and possibly your home? Fortunately, Apple seems to have thought of that, because according to the latest beta version of iOS 14, iOS developer Benjamin Mayo has found some clues that suggest Apple will include features that will prevent misuse of the accessory.

The setting is enabled by default, which makes sense. However, the fact that you can disable them at all likely means that false positive warnings will be raised under certain circumstances.

– Benjamin Mayo (@bzamayo) March 4, 2021

This was detected in the security settings in the “My Search” app. When the function is activated, you will be made aware of the presence of the accessory. It should be noted that this security function is activated by default. Unless you purposely disable it, you should be notified when this happens.

It sounds like a pretty useful feature, although given the AirTags haven’t started yet, we still have no idea how exactly the accessory works and what features it might have, but hopefully we’ll have more details this month.

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Katherine Clark