Apple’s mixed reality headset could weigh less than 150 grams


On the street it is said that Apple is developing its own mixed reality headset that could hit the market as early as next year. The problem with many mixed reality headsets is that they are quite heavy due to the hardware they contain, which means they cannot be worn for very long periods of time.

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims, however, that Apple’s own mixed reality headset is apparently aiming for a design that could weigh less than 150 grams. Kuo claims that Apple will introduce a hybrid Fresnel lens design that is said to offer improved optical performance while allowing a wider field of view.

Since Apple doesn’t plan for this to be a fully immersive VR headset like devices like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Quest, they can get away with such a hybrid lens design that allows the headset to be lighter. If this turns out to be true, this could be quite a game changer as a lighter and less bulky design might be preferred by both consumers and developers.

However, according to previous reports, Apple’s mixed reality headset is aimed more at developers than end users. Rumor has it it won’t get cheap and could cost up to $ 3,000.

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Katherine Clark