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Want to be in trend? Go for Cloud Monitoring Best Practices

This is the age when data plays a significant role for almost every business. With the use of data, the need for its storage has also been pivotal and that is where the cloud comes into the picture. Every system has a limited storage space and one cannot store everything in one system also. Adding to that there is also the risk of a system crash which may lead to loss of data and also the system storage proves costly as it has to be with a large capacity. Hence for those who need such a huge space, it is better to store the data and enjoy the cloud monitoring best practices to use the data in the desired way. 

What are cloud monitoring and best practices to go for?

Well, the cloud is a good option for those who need to have large data. Such data needs to be used by multiple users and simultaneously it is also required to keep the data safe and in one place only. In such all parameters, the best option is the cloud where one can easily store the data and retrieve the same as and when required. Some users need to access the data from different locations and in such cases, the cloud can be the best way. However, before moving the data to the cloud one needs to know how to handle the data from the cloud and manage it with great ease and for a long time. 

• Go for the right cloud monitoring software: This is the most important task of all. You must have excellent software for monitoring cloud use and infrastructure. It can help you in multiple ways. You can keep an eye on infrastructure as well as usage by different users. However, selection of the same is pivotal; you can take the help of an expert for the same. 

• Keep an eye on all activities from one platform: Activities on the cloud must be monitored sharply as it can help one remove the fake user or any suspicious user immediately. Cloud monitoring can help you watch who is doing what. Hence in the case of many employees working from different locations and on different projects can be easily checked and know their progress. 

• Go for automation: In this era, automation can be the best option. Here automation means all activities of the cloud such as tracking of a user, unauthorized access, and multiple logins from the same system can be easily checked. It helps one to keep any user away who can be a threat to data security. 

• Watch experience of end-users: After moving to the cloud it is necessary to know how the end-users feel. One must know if they can use the data as required or they face any problem as it may hamper the business to a good extent. One can go for feedback form or rating after the use of cloud by a user which can help him know and analyze different problems. 

• Carry out cloud failure tests: The failure tests help one know if there is any technical issue that the user needs to face. It can also help one remove any bug or glitch before there is any complaint from any user. Hence the data can be used by the users as expected in routine. 



Katherine Clark