Evo is among the most compact CNC milling machines we've seen to this point


When you think of CNC milling machines, you might think of these massive pieces of equipment that probably require 10 people to try and set up. However, if you don't have the space for such a machine, or really don't have the need or capital for a more traditional CNC milling machine, Evo is a Kickstarter project well worth checking out.

Evo is a CNC milling machine that is small and compact enough to just sit on your desk. It's also designed for beginners and has touchscreen controls that are easy and intuitive to use. It will also be compatible with CAM software such as Fusion360 and Vectric, where users can import 3D models created with this software into the system.

According to its makers, the Evo was also designed as an ever-evolving machine. For example, beginners who don't really need a lot of their machines could choose the Evo-S model. However, if they later discover that the machine is unable to meet their needs instead of simply buying a new machine, they can choose an upgrade kit that will give them the parts they need to transform the Evo S in the Pro-S model.

It's a pretty cool idea, and if you want to expand your hobby and turn it into something you can actually sell, the Evo CNC milling machine might be a great place to start. You can find more information on the Kicktstarter page.

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Katherine Clark