Fb is reportedly creating its personal smartwatch


When it comes to hardware, Facebook admittedly fell short many times. The company has tried to develop its own smartphone in the past, but that didn't really work out, and the company has also tried to develop its own smart display. We think this would have been welcome, but given the company's privacy issues, it's not surprising that some people were cautious about it.

However, it seems Facebook wants to try again, as a report from The Information (Paywall) revealed that the company could potentially look for its own smartwatch. The Facebook smartwatch is expected to tie in with current services and work over a cellular connection so that it doesn't need to be connected to a phone.

Also, users can send and receive messages from Messenger and WhatsApp. There will also be various health-related functions and links to services like Peloton. Interestingly, Facebook is also said to be using a version of Google's Android operating system as opposed to its own operating system, or Wear operating system.

Given Facebook's privacy concerns, we're not sure how many people would so love to share their movement and health information with the company. However, the report states that Facebook plans to sell the device near its production cost. Hence, it is possible that an affordable price could convince some users to buy it.

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Katherine Clark