Fb's Mark Zuckerberg says there’s a danger of rioting within the elections


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday the company had taken steps to address the increased risk of potential unrest related to the November 3 US presidential election.

"I worry that given our nation is so divided and the election results may take days or weeks to be finalized, there is a risk of unrest across the country," Zuckerberg said in a call about the results of Facebook in the third quarter. "With that in mind, companies like ours need to go way beyond what we've done before."

Zuckerberg noted that Facebook took steps in response to this increased risk. This includes helping users register to vote, providing accurate information about the election, banning new political ads one week before the election, blocking ads that attempt to de-legitimize election results, and banning problematic content, z. B. Groups focusing on QAnon conspiracy theory and Holocaust denialism.

"This is not a change in our underlying philosophy or a strong support for free speech," Zuckerberg said. "Instead, it reflects the increased risk of violence and unrest."

Facebook is not alone in these matters. Walmart also removed guns and ammunition from the floors of stores on Thursday where these items had been displayed due to isolated incidents of "riot" in some areas of the United States.


Katherine Clark