Fitbit has a new fitness tracker for kids


In the old days, when video games were not that common or not available at all, if they wanted to have fun, children had to go outside and play with other children. Nowadays, video games make it easy to interact with people at home. However, if you are concerned that it could adversely affect your child’s growth and development, you have come to the right place.

With the Fitbit Ace 3, the company has launched its latest wearable for children. According to the company, the Ace 3 will have what it takes to help your child develop a more active, healthier lifestyle, with features appropriately appealing to children. This includes animated watch faces, targeted motivation, and much more.

Given that this is a device for children, it has a built-in child lock. In addition, the device has a robust exterior that makes it less prone to damage. In terms of battery life, we’re seeing 8 hours on a single charge, which is a huge leap in battery performance compared to its predecessor.

If this sounds like a fitness tracker to give to your kids, the Fitbit Ace 3 is $ 80 and can be pre-ordered through the Fitbit website.

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Katherine Clark