Future AirPods Max headphones may very well be geared up with glass ear cups


Apple launched the AirPods Max headphones back in December 2020. Although they are expensive, they feel rather high quality thanks to the use of materials like aluminum. Unfortunately, the use of aluminum has also resulted in headphones that are quite heavy.

This means that users can get tired over time if they are worn for long periods of time. It seems Apple is aware of this and is trying to change the way they use the materials. This is based on a patent discovered by Patently Apple that found that Apple was investigating the idea of ​​using reinforced glass as the material for the ear cups.

Now the glass is obviously not used as padding, but as the outer part of the ear cups and could replace the use of aluminum. However, glass is more fragile and nobody likes the idea of ​​their headphones breaking this way, which is why the patent describes the use of asymmetric chemical reinforcement to make the glass more resilient.

The idea of ​​glass in headphones is novel, but not an unfamiliar process for Apple. The company has already used glass and aluminum for its iPhones, such as the glass-backed iPhone 12 series. Whether or not Apple is doing this design is a different story, but what do you think?

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Katherine Clark