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Improvement in Inventory Management for QuickBooks

Oct 18

As all of you have observed the fact that how fast the technology is improving. New software is being developed for easing the work of human beings, and all this enhanced and advanced machinery has a huge and positive effect on our businesses. Similarly, all these types of advancements are now being used in the effective management of the inventory of our companies. In addition to this, using inventory management system in your business could help you at a grand scale in managing and keeping the right track of your inventory.

In addition to this, according to a piece of recent news on august 17, 2021 by PRNewswire, it was stated that the industry that has earned a prominent name in Radiofrequency identification (RFID) had confirmed the news that it is now starting its indulgent with the QuickBooks for the introduction of a modern and improved accounting system. As we all know that QuickBooks is a complete accounting software introduced by Intuit. With this involvement, a new feature will be seen that when customers want to use QuickBooks to manage their bills and other payables, they can talk directly with the SimplyRFID team and ask them to use it. 

Moreover, when the user asks SimplyRFID to use QuickBooks, the inventory management server of SimplyRFID, “Pogi,” will create a portion where the customers could easily pass their product names and transfer data between the inventory system and the QuickBooks. 

How does this integration work?

When SimplyRFID’s inventory server creates a field for the product, the system runs through to check whether the product’s name is similar to the one in QuickBooks; if it matches, the data is fetched directly. But if there is no such name for the product, QuickBooks will create a unique product with that name in the field.

To transfer the data of SimplyRFID Pogi, the customers will;

  • Open the Pogi inventory system.
  • Select the Reports.
  • Then click on QuickBooks in Pogi.

By this, the clients could quickly transfer their data relevant to inventory from Pogi’s server to QuickBooks. However, to import the data into QuickBooks;

  • First select settings in QuickBooks.
  • Then click on the “Import” option.
  • Lastly, click on “Product and Services,” by which you could easily import your desired product’s information from the Pogi inventory system.

What is SimplyRFID?

We can simply say that SimplyRFID is a development company that establishes radio-frequency ID tracking systems. With the help of this well-known hardware and software company, they can track and observe millions of trash cans, drugs, military equipment, and laptops, either old or new, worldwide. 

Furthermore, this server, “Pogi,” records the Radio frequency identification Tag data about the inventory management. It is no secret that Pogi checks upon the data at the right time so that if any miscalculation has occurred, it clears them. 

The importance of this relationship between SimplyRFID and QuickBooks has been elaborated by the CEO of SimplyRFID, “Carl Brown.” He said that this vast relationship between Pogi and QuickBooks will facilitate customer integration at a very high level. He further said that by combining these two, the clients using QuickBooks would be served with the features that only RFID could help. 

As all of us know, RFID is the most capable option if you want to keep track of your inventory. However, after it, there is Amazon inventory management software for amazon seller reserved inventory, which would help you be alerted when any stock in or stockout occurs.