iOS 14 is now obtainable for obtain


Apple has just released the final version of iOS 14, the next major version of the operating system for the iPhone. It's a free download and works with iPhone 6s or later, both generations of iPhone SE, and the latest iPod touch model. If your device is running iOS 13, iOS 14 is supported. The update may or may not be available immediately. However, keep checking this as users are now getting the update.

The company also releases major updates for iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV today. So you can expect some new features with iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7 too.

The release of these updates surprised many developers. Apple announced yesterday that iOS 14 will be ready for prime time today. Typically, the company announces the release date a week or two in advance. This gives developers plenty of time to fix the last remaining bugs and send updates to the App Store.

If you update your iPhone today, don't be surprised if you see some bugs from third party apps here and there. There are some major changes under the hood and no one expected such a brief turnaround.

The update is currently rolling out and is available both wirelessly in the Settings app and by connecting your device to iTunes for a wired update. But first backup your device. Make sure your iCloud backup is up to date by opening the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tapping your account information at the top, then tapping your device name. On top of that, you can also connect your iOS device to your computer for a manual backup to iTunes (or both, really).

Don't forget to encrypt your backup in iTunes. It's much safer if someone hacks your computer. And encrypted backups contain saved passwords and health information. That way, you don't have to reconnect to all of your online accounts.

Once that's done, you should go to the Settings app, then General, then Software Update. Then "Update requested …" should be displayed. The download will start automatically as soon as the download is available.

The biggest change from iOS 14 is the introduction of widgets on the home screen, a new app library for browsing all of your apps, and the ability to run app clips. These are mini-apps that contain a small part of an app that you can run without installing anything.

There are also many improvements across the board such as: B. new features for messages, with a big focus on groups with @mentions and replies, a new translation app that works on your device, directions in Apple Maps in some cities and various improvements in Notes, Reminders, Weather, Home and more.

If you'd like to learn more about iOS 14, I took a look at some of the new version's features earlier this summer:


Katherine Clark