It seems to be like Apple's AirPower is useless once more


Back in 2019, Apple confirmed that the AirPower wireless charging mat had been discontinued. However, later in the year there were reports that the project might not have completely canceled and Apple was working internally to fix the issues before it might restart.

However, according to a tweet from the ever-accurate Jon Prosser, we should probably run out of hope. This is because Prosser cites his sources claiming that Apple is essentially done with the AirPower project and that they doubt it will ever be picked up again.

To be fair, Apple never officially announced anything other than official confirmation that the device was canceled. So as far as we know, it was always dead. Apple has since introduced the MagSafe charging system, which is an alternative to AirPower. It's a wireless charging system that uses magnets to stick to the back of the iPhone.

All AirPower prototypes / tests have been removed from the 2021 schedule.

Sources doubt it will ever resume.

Once again it seems AirPower is dead.

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 26, 2020

Some believe this is Apple laying the groundwork for the future where there are rumors that the company may one day introduce an iPhone that is completely portable and that the MagSafe system is exactly what they are up to. Needless to say, this should be picked up with a grain of salt, but with so many third-party wireless charging mats out there, we're not sure we really need an official one.

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Katherine Clark