It’s been a month and Apple still hasn’t sold out its HomePods


Back in March, Apple announced the inevitable – the HomePod would be discontinued. The company stated that all remaining units are still available for purchase. So if for some reason you want one, you can purchase one while there are still units in stock. It turns out that Apple may have a hard time clearing the shelves.

It has been reported that it’s been about a month since the HomePod was officially discontinued, but Apple is still making devices available for purchase. What’s even more shocking is that Apple may not have sold that many units to begin with, with the model it recently bought, according to YouTuber DetroitBORG, being from its starting inventory from three years ago!

Because of this, it’s not surprising that Apple discontinued the speaker. While we have Apple’s intentions to create a line of speakers for those with more discerning tastes, the fact is that it was in a slightly awkward spot. This is because it wasn’t necessarily good enough to be classified as audiophile, but it was still too expensive for the average consumer.

Apple is said to have bigger hits with the HomePod mini, which is cheaper and pretty much gets the job done. There have been rumors that Apple may consider other form factors for the HomePod in the future, but the HomePod is still available right now if that’s what you want.

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Katherine Clark