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Las Vegas Orthodontist: Your Comprehensive Consultation with Smile Designers

Oct 19

It is not always easy to find a dentist in Las Vegas, NV. If you are looking for an orthodontist, then Smile Designers is the place for you! We offer comprehensive consultations with our friendly staff of dental professionals in Las Vegas, NV who will be able to help you achieve your dream smile. We offer a range of services from Invisalign and braces to teeth whitening and more!

What is a Comprehensive Consultation?

It's a consultation with Las Vegas Orthodontists from Smile Designers to discover the best course of treatment for your case. Las Vegas orthodontist Dr. Yousef Khader and his team will go through all options available, discuss them in detail, and explain which one is better suited for you based on their expert analysis. The comprehensive nature of this evaluation allows the doctor to take into account different factors that might not be important or relevant if they were going through each option separately. For example, during a comprehensive consultation, we can also notice potential problems such as jaw discrepancies so those issues could already be addressed without waiting until after the teeth have been moved around first.

Why should I have a Comprehensive Consultation?

A comprehensive consultation from Las Vegas dental clinic is a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. It’s an opportunity to get to know you better as well! We can also map out the Las Vegas Orthodontics treatment plan that will work best for your smile. And last but not least, we want our patients to feel great about their new smiles so we offer custom whitening trays in addition to all consultations at Smile Designers Orthodontics!

How to prepare for your consultation

Make sure that any X-rays, photos, and other records related to your orthodontic treatment are available. If you have an insurance policy for yourself or anyone in the family who will be getting braces, bring a copy of it with you so we can discuss how it might affect the potential costs involved. Your Orthodontist Las Vegas may not accept all PPO insurances because they require higher patient co-payments than HMO plans. You should also ask if there is a discount program offered by our office for patients without insurance coverage (we often offer this).

What to expect during your appointment.

Your treatment options are reviewed. Â Orthodontic appliances, such as braces or retainers, are discussed. You may be fitted for a retainer before you leave the office if it is determined that you need one to hold your results after treatment has been completed. Your appointment with Las Vegas Dentist should last about an hour and a half depending on how many questions there are regarding your concerns and goals which can affect the length of consultation time spent in our Las Vegas, Nevada Office. We want to make sure we address all concerns throughout this comprehensive assessment period so that when its time to start working together toward achieving those beautiful new smiles you have envisioned everyone

The benefits of Orthodontic Treatment and Smile Designers' Processes and Procedures.

Orthodontic treatment can be a life-changing experience, and your consultation with Smile Designers will allow you to learn more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic Treatment is not only designed for cosmetic purposes but also for health reasons such as alignment of teeth in order to maintain proper oral function and prevent future dental problems. Orthodontic treatment is a great alternative to the painful and expensive process of jaw surgery. Although Orthodontics has been around for many years, advancements in technology have come a long way with new high-tech appliances that help patients achieve their oral health goals. Smile Designers uses some of these advanced technologies such as Invisalign® which are clear aligners made from smooth plastic trays that easily slip over your teeth providing you comfort throughout your orthodontic experience. Today's braces can also be hidden behind the lips or inside cheeks making them hardly visible to both adults and children allowing one to maintain their professional appearance during work hours while maintaining an attractive smile at home.


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