Lego is increasing its Tremendous Mario world with customization instruments, new Mario power-ups and extra characters


Lego's partnership with Nintendo made a pretty great debut with the interactive Lego Super Mario earlier this year Starter course, and now additional sets follow to complement the first one. These include a new "Master Your Adventure Maker Set" that adds customization options by tweaking Lego Mario's answer via three new building blocks and a new way to mix the rules for each level. Lego and Nintendo are also releasing additional themed expansion sets, new power-ups for Mario, and a second set of mystery characters that can be incorporated into level builds.

Credit: Nintendo

The Master Your Adventure Maker set contains 366 pieces in total and is priced at $ 59.99. Expansion Sets include a Chain Chomp Jungle Playset ($ 19.99), a Piranha Plan Puzzle Challenge Set ($ 29.99), and a new Venom Biome for Mario to explore with Wiggler ($ 39.99). The two new power-ups for Lego Mario are his penguin suit and tanooki suit, which retail for $ 9.99 each.

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Each new Series 2 Character Pack is $ 4.99. These are delivered in packaging that only reveals their contents after opening. This increases the likelihood of which of the new characters you will receive. Series 2 characters include Huckit Crab, Spiny Cheep Cheep, Ninji, Foo, Parachute Goomba, Fly Guy, Toadstool, Para Beetle, Thwimp or Bone Goomba.

Credit: Nintendo

These will be available for sale from January 1st by both Lego Direct and its retail partners. That's a popular gift set just after the holiday frenzy, which seems like a failure for what you'd expect, but Nintendo is still selling the original starter course and other kits


Katherine Clark