MISSHA Korean Beauty Beauty Heritage

MISSHA has been by our clients’ sides since its inception in 2000.

We build solutions based on usefulness and efficacy after listening to our clients’ tales and skin concerns, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty generated by their voices.

From our legendary Time Revolution, which has been chosen by over 10 million customers, to our BB Cream, which has been sold in over 100 million units globally.

MISSHA has grown into a global beauty brand that goes beyond K-beauty, with over 10 million clients worldwide trusting and choosing it.

As of May 2020, based on the total number of clients. MISSHA BB Cream has been sold in 130 million units (Based on the total domestic and overseas shipments as of June 2020)

We provide skin with safe ingredient advantages by utilizing unique bespoke absorption technology that fully delivers the effects of our carefully chosen chemicals.

In a fast changing world, we take a deeper approach to numerous skin conditions based on the requirements and data of 10 million clients. Using our unique absorption technology, we thoroughly confirmed the effects and safety of our carefully selected substances and products.


Katherine Clark