More than 60% of Apple customers plan to buy the AirTag


Tracking accessories have been around for a while. Tile is probably one of the biggest names in the field, but it appears that the arrival of Apple’s AirTags has rekindled public interest. According to a recent survey by SellCell, more than 60% of Apple customers have planned to purchase the AirTag.

According to the survey, respondents were asked what they liked best about AirTags and these were the answers – in order of number of votes: “Reliable as it uses Apple’s robust Find My network” (42%) , “Great value for money” (19%), “Strong data protection features” (15%), “Uses replaceable batteries that last about a year” (10%), “Has plenty of accessories” (6%), “Personalization with engraved text, emojis, numbers “(5.3%),” better overall design than competitors “(2.7%)”

Price appears to have been a big factor among respondents. More than 50% thought the AirTag price was indeed good deal and we have to agree. Given that Apple products aren’t always affordable, the AirTags were surprisingly affordable in every way.

We’re not sure if that renewed interest in tracking accessories could spill over to other brands, but for now, Apple’s AirTags appear to be a hit.

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Katherine Clark