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Most Common Women's Problems

Oct 29

The difference in pH was small and did not reach statistical significance when tested as a group, but vaginal pH did vary significantly from woman to woman. In addition, vaginal symptoms were correlated with vaginal pH in some women.

Vaginal PH According to Doctor

"Self-reported symptoms of vaginal discomfort and vaginal symptoms were associated with vaginal pH," said Dr. Gupta [2015]. "In fact, vaginal pH ranged from 3.5 to 4.9, which is similar to what is seen in bacterial vaginosis."

"There are over 30 vaginal formulations commercially available, yet there are no vaginal pH studies or vaginal safety data to support their use," said Dr. Gupta. "These vaginal formulations range from being acidic to alkaline and may affect vaginal pH depending on the formulation."

Using certain pills could reduce and maintain the PH balancing for your vaginal area, for example, vaginal vitamin/treatment pills that help maintain vaginal health.

You can also add a vaginal treatment/vaginal supplement if you want to, but make sure it is safe for vaginal use and does not affect vaginal pH.

The vaginal vagina is the female genital area that also includes the skin surrounding the opening of the vaginal glands. Vulvodynia is a type of vulvar pain that is known to cause pain in the vulva but can sometimes spread up to create vaginal pain. It is thought that vaginal discharge arises due to vaginal itching, vaginal odor, vaginal dryness, vaginal burning sensation during urination, or vaginal pain during sex (dyspareunia). Vaginal discharge may also occur when vaginal pH becomes imbalanced.

Most Common Women's Problems

Let me give you a list of the most common woman problems to make you aware and take care of your vaginal area.

1. vaginal odor

2. vaginal itching

3. vaginal discharge

4. vaginal pain during sex (dyspareunia)

5. vaginal dryness, soreness, or irritation of the vagina or vulva (vaginitis)

Boric Acid Suppositories is one of the treatments that may be helpful for vaginal problems and make you more confident during vaginal sex.