Nanoleaf's sensible lighting extends to lamps and lightweight strips


When it comes to smart lightbulbs or light strips, you might think of brands like Philips or LIFX, but it seems that the people at Nanoleaf want to challenge these companies as they have since announced a new smart light bulb and also a new smart light strip to complement the the company's existing products.

To the stranger, Nanoleaf is probably best known for its smart light panels. These panels are flat pieces of LED that can be attached to a wall and come in a variety of shapes, allowing users to create unique looking designs while controlling them with their smartphone.

In concept, the Nanoleaf Smart Light Bulb and Strip of Light are almost the same, except that you now have more options to choose from in how you want to light up your home. The best thing about these offerings is that they are quite affordable too. The Nanoleaf Essentials light bulb costs £ 17.99, while the Nanoleaf Lightstrips starter kit, which comes with a 2 meter strip of light, costs £ 44.99, while the expansion pack which comes with an additional 1 meter strip of light It costs £ 19.99 and all of these lights users don't need to have a hub.

The new lightbulb and strip of light will be available on the Nanoleaf website and in the Apple Store.

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Katherine Clark