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Viking Braids for Men

Viking hairstyles are usually characterised by their edgy, rugged appearance, and are shockingly similar to many of the traditional hairstyles you see today. Inspired by the epic hairstyles Nordic warriors wear on the battlefield, Viking hairstyles are usually defined by their edgy, rugged appearance, and are surprisingly similar to many of the popular hairstyles you see today.

Many of your favourite styles, from man buns to undercuts and messy beards, are inspired by cool historic Viking haircuts. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of the History Channel’s Vikings, you’ve probably seen these cuts all over the place.
Check out the best traditional and modern Viking hairstyles for men below if you want to channel your inner Viking. 

We couldn’t possibly put together a rundown of Viking hairstyles without including the man bun. After all, nothing says ‘ready for the battlefield’ like long hair tied into a high topknot. 

Viking Braids for Woman

Women’s Viking hairstyles are braided hairstyles that overlap and intertwine in amazing patterns and are suitable for both a queen and a warrior.

After the introduction of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, no one was shocked that Lagertha became an inspiration for several cute hairdos, and Lagertha hairstyle or Viking woman hairstyle became top of the trends. 

What were the Viking women like?
They were also warriors, and they fought alongside men in military campaigns.

Fans of the series have remarked on the variety and uniqueness of the hairstyles of their favourite characters, both men and women.  Perhaps not everyone realises that the option of these hairstyles has a functional as well as an aesthetic aspect to it. 


Both men’s and women’s hairstyles are quite comfortable.
Basically, all of the hair is pulled back and braided in a number of intertwining patterns using four or five strands. 


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