Nextdoor is on the bumpy highway to a possible public providing


Nextdoor is a local social media app that acts as a digital public message board for neighborhoods, where users can sell furniture, organize events, and alert neighbors of dangers.

Last year, according to Sensor Tower, the monthly active users of Nextdoor grew by 20 percent. It offers neighbors and public bodies a platform to disseminate useful and important information during the pandemic.

But the app, along with crime-focused apps like Citizen and Amazon Ring & # 39; s Neighbors, has been under review for years because it hasn't done enough to curb the racism prevailing on the platform.

Unlike Citizen and Neighbors, Nextdoor is more than a crime fighting app. It helps small businesses connect with their local customers and attract new customers with free business bookings. Local news outlets, which have been dwindling for years, have used the platform to reach a larger local audience with articles that are relevant to their community. However, its reputation as a public safety tool has drawn criticism.

As Nextdoor works towards a possible IPO, investors and community members are calling on Nextdoor to do more to eliminate the racism on its platform so the good parts can show through.


Katherine Clark