OnePlus introduces its first smartwatch


OnePlus is a company known for its smartphones. The company has looked at other product categories like headphones in the past. Now it seems like they are expanding their offerings by developing and launching their first smartwatch in the form of the OnePlus watch.

In terms of design, the OnePlus watch looks pretty normal, which is actually a good thing. The ability to blend in with everyday fashion makes it more attractive than having a flashy device on your wrist. It also has 2 weeks of battery life, which is pretty insane and puts other more popular wearables like the Apple Watch to shame.

The OnePlus watch is also reasonably priced at $ 159, but doesn’t skimp on features. It has features that one would expect from a high-end smartwatch, such as heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitoring, workout tracking, and GPS sleep tracking. It also has a sapphire crystal display, which makes it more durable and less prone to scratches and cracks.

The OnePlus Watch will have its own custom operating system, as the company has stated in the past that it does not use Google’s Wear OS platform. At $ 159 it seems pretty good value for money, and if you’re interested it will go on sale on April 14th.

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Katherine Clark