OnePlus Watch cannot run on Google’s Wear operating system


The OnePlus watch will be unveiled over the next few days, but it seems that OnePlus was releasing more and more information about the watch before it was launched. One of these is the operating system of choice that OnePlus won’t use Google’s Wear operating system and will instead offer its own custom platform.

When a customer asked whether the OnePlus watch should run Wear OS, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau replied with the words: “When developing the OnePlus watch, we tried to address the weak points for a smart watch wearer understand. We chose a Smart Wear operating system based on RTOS because we believe it would give you a smooth and reliable experience while also providing great battery life. This covers some of the biggest concerns we’ve heard from people looking to buy a smartwatch. ”

Wear OS is used by quite a few smartwatches, although there are still quite a few wearables out there that run their own custom platform. Some may complain about the lack of Wear OS as it means they may have access to fewer apps. As a rule, however, most smartwatches are pretty good right away.

Samsung has tried using its own custom platform for a while, but we’ve heard that a Wear OS smartwatch is slated to debut. Perhaps OnePlus could follow in the footsteps of future models, but don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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Katherine Clark