Pandora can now be streamed immediately from HomePod


Since the HomePod is basically an Apple product, it's not surprising that it only works with Apple services like Apple Music. However, if you're not an Apple Music subscriber, you'll be delighted to learn that HomePod and HomePod mini owners can stream Pandora directly from the HomePod in a recently released update.

All users have to do is update their Pandora app, connect it to the HomePod, and once the permissions have been granted, it should be ready to use. Once set up, users can ask Siri to stream music from Pandora through the HomePod speaker. This also makes Pandora the first third-party music service that can be played directly from the HomePod.

It should be noted that you can stream third-party services through the HomePod beforehand. However, you couldn't do this directly and would have to stream it over AirPlay. This isn't as big a deal, similar to how you'd stream music to a bluetooth speaker, but the direct integration now expands the capabilities of the HomePod and at least gives users more options when choosing non-speaker-Apple services.

We're not sure there are any plans to add Spotify to this list at any point. Given that the relationship between Apple and Spotify is not that good right now, Spotify subscribers may not want to hold their breath.

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Katherine Clark