Pixieray would like to produce autofocus glasses


As we age, our eyesight deteriorates depending on how well you take care of them. Because of this, we usually have to constantly update and change the lenses we use for prescription glasses. However, a Finnish startup called Pixieray believes they have the solution to this problem in the form of autofocus glasses.

This means that, similar to a camera lens system, these glasses are able to automatically focus on things you are looking at. For example, if you have outdated prescription glasses from 5 years ago, it doesn’t matter what you see, they will never be as sharp as glasses that have been updated based on your current eyesight.

However, this does not matter to Pixieray glasses as they can constantly adjust the focus and make the necessary corrections so that you can see objects clearly. The idea is that this will help reduce eye strain and improve overall comfort. Pixieray’s plans have drawn some attention from Amazon’s Alexa Fund and other VCs.

Pixieray is still playing its cards in terms of technology used, but the company is hoping to start shipping its product in 2023 so we’ll have to wait some time before we can actually see action.

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Katherine Clark