"Probably catastrophic": Former US ambassador says Biden wants data earlier than his inauguration


U.S. President-elect Joe Biden leaves the Queen Theater where he spoke to the media earlier the day about the Trump administration's lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care Act on November 10, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Adelman, an associate professor at New York University, said this was a "very delicate time" in the US, and Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris had done what other modern day win campaigns have done in the past to form agency review teams. These are individuals charged with evaluating federal agency operations and helping the new administration achieve its promised policy goals set during the campaign.

The persistent reluctance to embark on the transition is unprecedented, harmful to the United States, and … risks the entire world.

David Adelman

Former US Ambassador to Singapore

Although the transition has not yet been negatively impacted, the new administration will soon need access to the president's Daily Briefing, he said.

"Historically, the PDB is now being handed over to the elected president. That has not happened yet," he said.

"In the next few weeks we'll be at a point where you really need top-level confidential information to really get your job done and prepare for the transfer of power," Adelman said.

There is "great risk" to the world and "potentially catastrophic if the president-elect does not begin to obtain this highly confidential information in the weeks leading up to his inauguration," he added.

When asked if Trump would admit, Adelman said the president had to do it.

"The votes will be confirmed here in the next few weeks and an inauguration is scheduled for January 20th," he said.

"The kind of stubborn reluctance to embark on the transition is unprecedented, harmful to the United States and … increases the risks for the whole world," he added. "I assume that the president's position will weaken somewhat over the next week and that at least the basics of a transition and preparation for the peaceful transfer of power on January 20th will be open."


Katherine Clark