Second Technology Video Doorbell Professional might supply larger definition video


Currently, the Ring Video doorbell offers users videos streamed at 1080p. This is actually pretty decent footage as we're not sure who may need to stream doorbell video footage on something higher up. However, if you feel like you need to future proof your purchases for the foreseeable future, you might be in luck.

As the folks at Zatz Not Funny found out, they found a listing for the second generation Ring WiFi Video Doorbell Pro at Best Buy. The list has since been removed, but based on the screenshots they took before the shutdown, one of the improvements to the new doorbell would be a bump from 1080p video to 1536p video.

Video resolution isn't the only thing that gets updated. Ring will also be making some changes to the video's field of view, where it offers an expanded head-to-toe view that will make it easier for users to see who is at the door and if there may be a package sitting on your video front door that isn't would have been shown.

Ring competitor Arlo currently offers a resolution of up to 1536p for its Essential video doorbell. Hence, it is possible that this was designed to withstand them better. There's no word on availability yet, but the listing says March 31st in relation to release. Either this is a placeholder or we may not have to wait too long for an official announcement.

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Katherine Clark