Sonos audio system can now work with Common Electrical gadgets


One of the joys of the modern age is that a lot of our home appliances and appliances have gotten smarter. If you own a Sonos speaker and have some General Electric devices in your house, you might be interested to know that Sonos and GE devices can now communicate with each other.

What does that mean? As long as you have a Sonos speaker and a compatible GE appliance, they can basically talk to each other and draw your attention to things. For example, if you preheat an oven and it is compatible, it can use the Sonos speaker to let you know that your oven is preheated. It can also let you know about things like whether the dishwasher is ready and so on.

Shawn Stover, Executive Director of SmartHome Solutions for GE Appliances, said, “The new integration with Sonos provides greater awareness of what is going on throughout the home without the need to physically monitor each device, which adds convenience, security and improved performance. "

It might be a novel feature, but if you want to make your home smarter and more efficient, this feature might be worth checking out.

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Katherine Clark