Sony is getting ready to leap into the drone sport with Airpeak


Sony has announced that it is entering the drone market with a new brand called Airpeak, although the specifics of the drone itself remain a mystery. It is planned to start the project next spring.

The mere announcement simply says that Sony was inspired by the "recent proliferation" of drones and the changes they have caused in both industrial and creative sectors.

Airpeak will also focus on multiple industries, although the work is focused on competing against DJI, which has become the first choice in the UAV sector for consumers.

Sony describes the drone as being developed in the field of AI robotics, which together with the goal of enabling drones to be used where previously difficult, suggests that Sony plans to incorporate a reasonable amount of intelligence into the systems of the Integrate drones.

Small UAVs have become more intelligent and can now avoid obstacles, detect other flying objects and navigate between buildings without the intervention of their human operators. However, many of these functions are theoretical rather than widespread.

Aside from the name, general taste of the project, and the rendering of a rotor that is almost certainly spinning, that's the grand total of what we know about Sony's new project. Expect more to be released on the official website in time.


Katherine Clark