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Tazers & Stun Guns Of The Highest Quality

Oct 11

Self-defense is a serious undertaking. Everything is at stake, including your possessions, valuables, and perhaps your life. Many people turn to martial arts for protection, while others go for firearms. Those who don't have the time or the desire to learn either opt for easy, non-lethal, and — in most cases — legal self-defense solutions.

Hollywood has made much of the effectiveness of tasers and wholesale stun guns for spies trying to disarm a door-guarding baddie or subdue an innocent victim to load into their trunk, but the truth is that these gadgets are most commonly employed to make the vulnerable feel safe. But, with so much relying on your choice, it's critical to understand how to choose a taser or stun gun.

Below, we'll break down the differences between a taser and a stun gun, as well as some recommendations in each category to assist you protect yourself if you ever find yourself in need of one.

What's The Difference Between A Tazer & A Stun Gun?

Many people can be excused for mistaking tasers and stun guns for the same thing when they initially enter the self-defense market. The words are frequently interchanged in television and movies, which is where most people get the closest to the genuine McCoy. Stun guns, on the other hand, are closer-range contact weapons than tasers, which generate an electrical charge between the device's prongs.

Most stun guns have the advantage of being more effective at penetrating clothing and being less expensive than tasers; however, their most significant disadvantage is self-evident: a stun gun requires the user to get up close and personal with their attacker, leaving them vulnerable and introducing the possibility that the taser will be taken and used against them.

Tasers, on the other hand, are designed to look like a handgun, complete with a trigger and a pistol grip. Tasers are ranging weapons that fire a pair of prongs that are attached to the taser via a wire. These prongs provide the taser's charge, which, unlike a stun pistol, delivers large amounts of electricity to the target, causing neuromuscular failure and incapacitating them.

The taser's benefit is obvious: the increased range provides their users with a bigger buffer against attacks. Because most tasers only have one shot, if you miss or the prongs fail to pierce clothing or become dislodged, you'll be left with no other option for defending yourself from your attacker.

Tazers & Stun Guns Of The Highest Quality (Police Grade)

We'll go over some of the top options for both tasers and stun guns down below. If none of the options below appear to be perfect for your specific self-defense needs, please leave a comment below describing the qualities you're searching for, and we'll respond with a few additional suggestions.

The Top 3 Tasers

Unbeknownst to some, Tasers is really a brand name for the device rather than a generic term. Indeed, "taser" is short for "Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle," as well as the name of the business that creates and manufactures all of these devices, Taser International. A selected collection of some of the best, most highly-rated tasers for various scenarios is provided below.

1. Taser Pulse+ (Taser Pulse+)

The Taser Pulse+ is not only one of the most cost-effective alternatives, but also one of the most user-friendly. The Pulse+ makes it easy to operate in high-stress, high-risk scenarios with its high-visibility LED lighting and targeting laser, and should be highly considered by newcomers to self-defense.

The Pulse+ has a 15-foot range and can administer neuromuscular incapacitation for up to 30 seconds, which is the maximum range for civilian devices. It also includes a free trial of Taser's Noonlight integration, which sends police to your location as soon as the gadget is fired.

2. X2 Taser

The Taser X2 is a professional, police-grade taser with impressive tactical capabilities, while being substantially more expensive. Not only does the weapon come with a second backup shot, but it's also the only Taser with a contact-stun feature when fully charged.

When these two characteristics are combined, they give the user a significantly greater, potentially life-saving margin of error, as well as many layers of defense in high-risk scenarios.

3. Taser 7 CQ (Concussion Taser)

The Taser 7CQ is one of the most comprehensive and well regarded self-defense alternatives on the market, while being the most expensive item on this list. The Taser 7 excels in near to mid-range circumstances and has a two-shot capacity for dealing with various security threats or providing a life-saving backup. It is custom-made for real-life situations based on actual data.

Though it has a shorter range of 12 feet than other Tasers, this is by design; the weapon specializes in the close contact region, which is where most conflicts, statistically speaking, occur. Overall, the Taser 7 is a fantastic choice for home protection in situations where people are most likely to be in close quarters, such as corridors, rooms, and other small spaces.

The Top 5 Stun Guns

A good stun gun can defuse the threat of violence while also being dependable enough to be ready the one time you're unfortunate enough to need it. This entails a high-quality build, an effective design, and possibly some added usefulness to make your life easier and prepare you. Below is a list of some of the best stun guns for various situations that we've hand-picked.

Vipertek VTS-T03 (Vipertek VTS-T03)

The Vipertek T03 is a good choice for security workers that rely on alertness as much as close-range self-defense choices. It comes with a 350 lm LED flashlight. One of the T03's most stunning features has to be its flawless, aircraft-grade aluminum body – a very solid, reliable design that appears more fitting for something much more expensive than ten dollars.

Given the device's great utility, it's difficult to claim that anything else offers the same bang-for-buck as the T03.

2. Vipertek VTS-989 (Vipertek VTS-989)

The 989 doubles down on the close contact self-defense angle with extra-penetrative electrodes for penetrating thick clothing and an anti-theft shock plate on the front of the device to protect it from being taken mid-conflict, as opposed to the T03's more general-purpose utility.

These two elements, in combination with the ergonomic grip, give considerable stopping power for people who are serious about self-defense.

3. Self-Defense Sabre Kit

While the Sabre Self-Defense Kit is more than simply a stun gun, it is an excellent value for money solution for anyone in need of a reliable emergency fallback when they are threatened. Not only does the kit include an independently tested 1.60 C stun pistol with a flashlight attachment, but it also includes an industry-leading 25-burst pepper spray for further protection.

The Saber Self-Protection Kit delivers an all-encompassing line of defense that just might save your life for the price of a two-person lunch at your local fast-food place.

4. Stun Gun For Smart Cell Phones (Streetwise)

The Streetwise Smart Phone Stun Gun is a startlingly powerful – no pun intended – self-defense equipment that can be used invisibly and without attracting the attention of prospective assailants. This makes it particularly handy for attack preparation in settings when some people may be hesitant to show a stun gun for fear of embarrassment if their instincts are incorrect.

It should be highlighted that, in exchange for the additional discretion, it must sacrifice capacity by using a smaller set of electrodes than would be required to penetrate garments.

5. Walking Cane ZAP

The Zap Walking Cane is ideal for older people who want to deter prospective aggressors, but it has also proven extremely popular among dog walkers of all kinds who have discovered that the loud zapping sound and electrical arc deters would-be canine assailants (without actually hurting them).

The fact that it functions as a real cane and provides a little extra range makes it a very suitable self-defense option for the elderly or anyone else reliant on an actual cane. While not as discreet as something out of a spy film, with a fairly obvious cattle prod like point at the end of the device, the fact that it functions as a real cane and provides a little extra range makes it a very suitable self-defense option for the elderly or anyone else reliant on an actual