The Apple VR headset may have eye tracking and iris recognition


If you join the rumors, you may have heard reports that Apple is apparently looking to launch a VR headset next year. We know there have been rumors of AR glasses, but apparently Apple wants to launch a VR headset first. Thanks to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, details of the alleged VR headset have now emerged.

Based on what Kuo said, Apple’s VR headset appears to have sophisticated eye tracking. This means that instead of relying on a handheld controller to point at objects in VR, the headset can apparently tell where you are looking based on your eye movement.

One of the capabilities of this system is the efficiency of the headset, potentially prioritizing rendering areas that the user’s eyes are looking at rather than the whole world. This could help to get the best experience possible without a tax system. This eye tracking system apparently also has iris recognition, which can be used to authenticate the user for certain tasks or activities.

This report is actually pretty interesting as Apple has positioned itself as the AR champion for the most part, not necessarily VR. Hence, it’s strange that the company would be launching a VR headset first. However, Kuo’s track record has been pretty good. Although we warn against taking his claims as the truth, it makes us feel a little more secure.

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Katherine Clark