The ECG perform of the Apple Watch might be prolonged to different nations


One of the features Apple brought to the Apple Watch a while ago was EKG monitoring. Unlike the heart rate monitor, the EKG monitor tries to check your heart rate for irregularities that could be a sign of an error. However, since this is classified as a medical trait, it was not available worldwide at the time of its introduction.

To date, many countries around the world still lack the EKG function, but Apple is working to bring it to more markets. The good news is that the watchOS 7 update expanded the EKG monitoring feature to more markets, where it has made its way to Colombia, Israel, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

As mentioned earlier, there are still many markets around the world where the EKG function is not yet available. It depends on how quickly Apple works to make sure they meet the requirements of various medical regulators around the world and take some time until it hits everyone.

The latest Apple Watch Series 6 also has a new medical feature in the form of blood oxygen monitoring, which, much like the EKG monitoring tool, can take a while to find its way to Apple Watch for users worldwide.

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Katherine Clark