The "wristcam" provides a pair of cameras to your Apple Watch


While taking photos from our wrist isn't necessarily the most ergonomic, it can actually come in handy if you're looking for a bodycam and would rather not have a strap attached to your chest and walk around with a GoPro slap in the middle. If you own the Apple Watch, you might be interested in a device called a wristcam.

This is an Apple certified accessory for the Apple Watch that comes with two cameras built into the bracelet. One of the cameras is facing up, presumably when you're trying to take a selfie or vlog, while the other is facing forward so you can capture whatever is in front of you.

The upward-facing camera is of the 2MP variant, while the front-facing camera has an 8MP sensor and can record 1080p videos and 4K still images. While it's a fascinating idea, the wristcam is extremely bulky after the photos and we're not sure if you want to be walking around on your wrist all day.

While the company claims the wristcam is "light," we suspect that different people may have different opinions. If you're interested, it can be downloaded from the company's website for $ 299.

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Katherine Clark